Saturday, August 4, 2007


Everything I left behind three and half years ago, caught up with me during this trip to India. From packed suitcases to old pants. From old acquaintances to strangers. I retrieved my memories faster than the ticks of the clock. Boy, I was home.

The India trip has been a real revelation. Age has caught up with most of the near and dears. People were morphed into submission. People with good jobs turned into spendthrifts and deeper into credit card debts. People without any jobs moved into bigger role jobs. For some, times have just got much better. Luck smiled heavily on them.

Right in front of my eyes is transforming of Bangalore (almost I could feel it). The roads swelled in cars, buses and dust. Many villagers living on the outskirts became overnight millionaires. The name-tag still belonged to them, but they now sport swanky, luxurious cars. Almost everyday I felt humbled.

There was a deep awe when we visited the Sahayadri mountain ranges for a trip to Triambakeswar. When our taxi raced through the roads shadowed by towering mountain ranges, I retrieved my camera and clicked to capture the pure beauty. Nature was pure genius here.

My initial plan was to spend more time with relatives, especially my parents and in-laws. The schedule was directed to Shirdi and Shani Singanapur. New paths just opened for us, and our taxi driver, like a good friend, showed us new places we never dreamed to see. Time moved up, just as I wound up a cool, four-week vacation.

The most difficult part of the trip was taking the return flight to US. My mind kept turning back. I found it difficult to answer a simple question: “Why do I have to do this? Why am I leaving everyone here? Why am I going back to Seattle?” I had no answers. My planned schedule moved me into the flights and off the flight. I moved like a robot as my mind melted in silence.

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