Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This Independence Day, I love to do three things:

1) Crossword Puzzle

I like to sit in a corner and do crossword puzzles….I put up my glasses with long gold-chain hanging on its edges. I like to spread out my millions of dictionaries and translation books. These books are more than the number of boxes in the crossword puzzles. When I look back from that corner, I see a reflection in a mirror…I see a sea of books and a glow on top of my head…. O Boy, I am thinking.

2) Short Walk

I dream to take a strangest walk ever. Walk slowly…take small steps…look at everyone who pass…smile lightly at them…smile widely at those who don’t pass by…buy a pizza…and make one hungry person eat fully…comeback home…and laugh loudly. This is my day.

3) Pest Control

My house in Bangalore is in a very bad condition. Cleaning is required for probably 15 days. Yes…the requirements: do it non-stop…do acid wash, kill all mosquitoes, kill few rats…run behind and catch few rats. One more thing…make sure you don’t trample the black ants. These ants are sadhu-type…always non-violent.

Happy Indian Independence 60th Anniversary.

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