Saturday, June 30, 2007

Quartets – Friendship thing

Well, I like being friends with everyone. Good thing about being friends is that we can always share those personal quotes/quartets/anecdotes – even those silly ones we hide deep inside us. Here are a few I want to share. Some of the words make me think more than I am supposed to... but then I can't help. I cannot keep them with me anymore. So, they are tangentially thrown out now... :-)

1)Gods must be sloe-eyed
at the pace we wash dirt-
weeds, algae and arabidopsis-
taps of mud on our bodies.
2)My efforts aren't reaping fruits
I aspired. Oh God
I've reached a wrong avenue
with no pocket revenue.
3)The pen writes on the moribund paper:
Each the helpmate and the amanuensis.
The paper dries what the pen writes,
Form what is today the written word.
4)Men crow croak, puff smoke.
The air's gloom.
The breath choked.
The heart expands like a balloon.
5)The night howls sleep.
The day howls awake.
Each day a visual treat
Each night a genre late.
6)A huge cupboard wobbles
behind me. If it falls,
I will be on holiday
For the rest of my days.
7)The world is a university-
bodes peace, serenity
and fate for those sweeteners,
pettifoggers. We, the dwellers.
8)You may be rich.
I'm not.
I'm still the blind beggar
You had last business with.
9)Leaders are those who rise
And rise, and make the wise
Feel ashamed at themselves
And others, and rule.
10)The rose is red.
The prose is bred.
My nose is a tap.
Poor watery chap.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe caught my attention in my childhood. I liked 'The Raven’ the best. Then I started writing first and began experimenting in poems. I am not perfect at the poems, though. But here are few lines I wrote sometime back:

I've grown wise to make syllables dance
in twos, or in fours at a mere glance.

I was sorry, I'd said no to compose a theme.
O boy, the air, I knew, would no longer be clean.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Marriage Day

Marriage is the most solemn event in our life. Marriage Day brings to fore all the memories randomly packed during the special moments of marriage. Small patches of happiness often punctuate our life. The most important is marriage anniversary. It’s as important as any bright sunny day. Some say, it is another station during our long journey of life. Read on…a small poem I wrote eleven years ago.…

For my Wife

Where you were shy at
The place you sat eye-

Down, aimed
At an angle to the floor.

Dreams, aliform, jumped all-up
To our marriage, agog, turn true

Just like waves in a sea
Approach from far in leaps.